In regards to graphic quality and game quality.

i know this is still beta but in the options menu when you mouse over the shadows it says you can turn them off but currently you can only put to low. also I think it would help grow the playerbase if you added some less cpu intensive/more advanced graphical options in the menu. I play on a laptop with all lowest settings and dogfights can get quite painful in some games as I lag still even with lowest settings.


it is a great looking game, all im asking is for you to implement some more advanced graphical options so that people can have a smoother experience in game.




edit: I checked and I average about 13 fps and 140 ping in a average game.



Sadly each graphic card has it’s limit and the game is already running on very low specs.

I’m playing on a laptop as well and don’t have a problem with frame rates. However, this is a newer laptop that has decent mobile graphics card (ie: Not “integrated/shared graphics card”). For your post, habbajabba, I think it would be helpful to include your computer’s system specs.

Dammit, I want CRYSIS level graphics for my setup.

Looks fine to me, though I’m running all high settings (except AA and Vsync, I never run AA or Vsync, unless screen tearing, which means I’ll run Vsync and still no AA).

Haven’t really been paying attention to graphics though, since I’ve been distracted by the masses of over-powered T3s and T4s coming at me every single game and all their pretty, sparkly particle effects.

I would like the graphics options to go both ways (: 

The game does look pretty good right now. But more advanced options so user’s can increase the quality for higher end machine’s or vice versa

Like texture quality, or particles and so on. 

I suggest the devs make a recommended computer specifications/minimum system requirements list. I haven’t seen one yet.

[Here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18801-system-requirements/) you go.

graphics are great…


give me more though


i have plenty of overhead…:slight_smile: