In game Corp information boards.

I played a game called Astro Empires a ways back (good and bad things to say about that one :D) but one thing I did like was the in game guild info board.


It had 3 or 4 tabs that Guild leaders could use to post important information. Usually in something similar to:


  1. Welcome page, guild rules and objectives, a handful of super helpful tips for Aces to start using IMMEDIATELY.  (like don’t spend GS until you understand that it costs $$$ :D)


  1. Advanced tips and strategies


  1. Leaders and their roles, Squads and their focuses, enemies, allies, and or peoples of interest


  1. Funny unrelated stuff. Generally devolving into barely acceptable links, pictures and text.


These tabs were all generated with BB code I think… [/color] [/link] [/size] etc.

Totally agree that there needs to be some form of in-game communication board.  Initially I would just appreciate a single page that allows us to put whatever content we would like.  Eventually down the line I would like to see the ability to separate informational pieces onto their own page.

Good idea.

This has been suggested before (or something along these lines) and was forwarded to the developers as part of a large document with ‘community wishes’ in regards to social features.


Nevertheless, it is an excellent idea and hopefully once the current development roadmap is finished they will find some time to look at this.


Meanwhile, I will move it to the social suggestions section, where it is a little more fitting.