In a galaxy far far away...

  1. “For over a thousand generations, the Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic — before the dark times. Before the Empire.”


Referring to the all time great STAR WARS! anybody ever play the battlefront 2 series or Star wars empire at war? :slight_smile:

Because… if you have… i would LOVE TO see ships have what they call “hard points” if you don’t know, it would mean that the ships have certain spots on it that can be destroyed before the whole ship goes boom. Let’s say the engines. i shoot down them shields and start hitting your engine (which would itself take damage) and soon they go out. meaning you can’t move anywhere until 

A.) you die


B.) it’s repaired


Could be for the weapons system as well or shield generator after shields are gone. So you might have one out of four lasers destroyed and it would no longer work. Or if your shields are wiped clean down to the hull, then the “enemy” could target your shield generator and forever disable you from getting shields recharged… until you respawn or somehow incorporate a method to fix it. 


I’m not trying to say copy another game or anything silly like that. I think it would be a good idea just because it would give you more of a feel of an actual space ship. You know, you can HEAR the engines going out, or the critical ship systems failing, you can SEE parts on the ship are gone and damaged, and you’d have to adapt to what you have left to use. and i know NOT everyone or maybe nobody would like this idea. But i believe it’d be nicer then just getting hit by lasers and a couple missles knowing your shields go out, knowing your armor is at 10hp then you just. go… boom dead. where is the damage representation? my ship doesn’t get fires, smoke up, or look any different when i’m at almost no health then full health.



Let me know what you think? :slight_smile:

I think this game would be PERFECT for a mechanic such as this! BUT, that would mean we would have to have very large ships :wink:

perfect for dreadnaughts

It’s been discussed by the devs in the russian Q&A. Their attitude is that in the vast majority of situations hitting specific parts of ships is just too difficult, such that it would essentially turn in to a random mechanic where your subsystems would be damaged by a lucky projectile in the right place. Getting randomly screwed over is generally just annoying.

Tbh we have plenty of stuff to screw with your opponent’s ship already. Engine suppressors, target painters, energy drain, ion emitter, stasis generator and loads more. Adding subsystem damage on top is unneeded imo.

i see. it would be cool if they made a certain battle mode with it. that way people can choose if they want to play it or not. But i still think it’d be fun ;D with… much bigger ships of course. 

Would very much like to see this mechanic on cap ships when they’re introduced sometime around 2025.


Or thereabouts…


A game type along the lines of Battlefield 2142’s Titan game mode. Long story short, each team got humongous cap ships on each side and your job was to infiltrate and destroy it. Cool part was the defending team could man turrets on the ship.


I’d love to see an option to get “tractored in” or something to a dread after you die in your regular ship and you start your 2nd life as a turret gunner.


We can only hope.