In a faceless world....

I’m not sure/unaware if somebody has already suggested this. spent some time looking through the forums and didn’t see anything. SO here is a suggestion i would like to make. Don’t think it would be a very hard one to implement. 


Kind of like eve online, or your xbox gamer avatar, ps3 or most other game’s. On your profile “in game” if you view somebody’s or someone view’s yours i would love to see the ability to make your own Avatar, or even a customized face like the good old “Star Port Galactic Empires” (if anybody ever played that back in the day.) that way you can be a little more customized and people can have there own looking avatars for the style they are. sure it’s not a important issue at all but can always help to have smaller things like this :) 


Maybe another way for devs to make money. should they decide to, i would pay a couple gold standards like you do stickers to have my customized avatar up! :smiley:


Let me know what you guys think! 

Yeah that seems really cool but i think at the moment vanity items are on very low priority. I would like to change ship color but knowing that the development of the game is coming first we probably won’t see any vanity items other than stickers till around release time :frowning:

… why is bacon a tag?

But yeah, RealZero has hit the mark there. The devs first need to work on refinement before addition

true enough. i will have to repost this when game is all fixed up then :wink: and idk. figured everybody says bacon in game why not lol