Improving the Criminal System

Before people start raging about how they hate being hunted in Invasion mode, let me start by saying the Criminal system is so bad that it highly encourages players to hunt players in order to be a bad guy.

It’s significantly easier to hunt players than it is to hunt police and other targets.


The Problems:

Too few “good targets” to hunt.

Sure there are peons like miners and engineering frigates, but most of them give 0 karma and no loot…


Too few -karma points for killing targets.

Pirates, Cybers, and Cartel will target you regardless of criminal status.

Once you’re a criminal, now you have to fight off players, pirates, and police.



Suggestions to fix this:

Pirates, Cybers, and Cartel should be allied to criminals.

If you’re killing police and others to lower your karma, you shouldn’t have to worry about defending yourself from pirates which will then increase your Karma. Today I killed 3 police, then I was swarmed by 8 pirates. Sure I could have killed them, but that defeats the purpose of me killing the police to begin with. So I decided to self-destruct instead.


Police should drop loot like pirates do.

Killing police should give rewards. If I’m going to be a criminal I should have a reason to continue farming police. Currently, my only incentive is to get the achievement for killing police and then go back to killing players.


Zones better suited for criminals to hunt in.

Most zones are setup to have a few police and a lot of pirates. It would be nice to have a zone with mostly police and transports, but not as insanely overpowered as the defenses that Stations have. Since the zone would favor Criminals, it would also be a zone that players could go to possibly hunt Criminals.

Well I find a lot of criminal players sit in low level pvp zones to kill the T2’s who enter for an easy target. However I do agree with the suggestions.

Just because i’m a bad boy.


Good idea. 

I support this idea and I already had similar suggestion. However, nothing changed…



I’m only killing players for the loot and to make invasion less boring.  Being able to ally either with the “good guys” or the “bad guys” would be cool.  And this would go hand in hand with a dockable hangar in Fort Muerto as has already been suggested.

It’s really hard to keep a negative karma rating when all the missions require you to shoot guys that give you good karma…


Shooting players fixes this problem nicely.

A dockable hangar in fort muerto would be thematic, but rather unfair to the positive karma pilots - where would you rather dock/fly from - a sector right in the middle of all the top-end loot, or one that is several minutes flight/jumping away?

Some valid points in OP though.

Being a criminal doesn’t mean that you are respected by other fellow criminals. They are criminals after all… This is not the “Great Brotherhood of Crime”


IRL rival gangs and criminals are more deadly to other criminals than the police, because police should apply the law, but other criminals will just kill you.


And no, having negative karma is easier than farm positive one. You get +5 karma for killing a pirate and -150 for killing players. I remember from some roams I do with my fellow wolfs that we always return back with -500 or -1000 karma, even if we are always wiping out the sector from pirates after we achieve domination on players.


Finally, people in rank 4 ships without station protection just deserve to be killed. Anyway after killing them I always whisper them about the station protection availability, in case they just thought it is not that important.

Anyway after killing them…


You should get an achievement for that.

Well, it’s not like i’d do the same. (Sarcasm)

In general, do you get any advantage with high karma?

You just get disadvantages with less karma, those turrets…

Anyway, a brotherhood of crime sounds good to me, maybe not instantly, but maybe the pirates offer you contracts when you’re at -3 or less and you can get into an alliance with them after you did this.

They won’t attack you, maybe dock at Fort Muerto & more features.

Same with police just with +3 and you’ll get reward for killing criminals.

Maybe not an extra station, but maybe a loot protection service if you’re in a blue sector and you die by a pirate, you’ll not lose your loot.

Maybe, Maybe, Maybe, Maybe… I use this word way too often.

Just an idea to improve invasion.

I think the pirate attacks ought to have some manner of priority. I mean, usually people have priorities when shooting, right?


  1. Police shooting at them

  2. Players shooting at them

  3. Criminals shooting at them

  4. Police not shooting at them

  5. Players not shooting at them

  6. Criminals not shooting at them


Sounds reasonable to me, at least.

The ability to set up a corporation base would be nice. *sets up corp-hangar over Muerto and let’s single missile turret take out 9001 alien transports*

But I do like the idea of criminal zones and hangars.