Improvements to Scores Calculation

Morning, everyone! (well actually it’s 8:11 pm here, but whatever!)


I’ve always felt frustrated when someone suddenly steals my kill when it was clear I was dealing all of the damage. Also, Engineers seem to be out of fashion since the amount of hitpoints that they restore to their allies don’t tie into their total Effectiveness score. So here’s my proposed improvements: calculate all damage, healed hitpoints, beacon points restored/captured, drones destroyed, bombs collected and dropped, and ESPECIALLY how many times you died into a single number: your total Score.


Kills and Kill Assists, both tie into the “Damage” category, and without this improvement, even 1 hit of the ememy results in a “Kill Assist”, and that’s also unfair if you’re clearly the one that dealt more damage than your “ally”. Damage from this category have a multiplier of x0.0025, meaning that (for example), you deal 125000 hitpoints of damage to the enemy (including resistances), you recieve 312.5 Effectiveness (adjustable, of course).


Score awarded for hitpoint restoration to allies mostly benefit the Engineers class (alongside Destroyers that are lucky enough to get a damaged ally near their repair drones). For every hit point restored, a multiplier of x0.005 can be applied, because restoring damage is a LOT harder than dealing damage. So if you were to restore the same Destroyer that has 125000 hitpoints, you gain a total of 625 Effectiveness.


For actions such as destruction of drones, 15 Score can be awarded to the player, since drones are mostly common in battles, namely Engineering drones, beacon guard drones, Tackler drones, and maybe also Waz’Got stations, warp gates, and other auxiliary equipment or structures ingame. For bombs, capturing a bomb awards you a temporary 200 points of Score, while losing it by any means (such as invincibilty activation, invisibility, warp-jumping, etc) deducts 150 points from your Score. Planting bombs allows you to keep the “temporary” 200 points, while also awarding you another 250 points of Score. So a successful bomb pick-up run and planting awards a total of 450 Score. For Engineers that restore Energy, a multiplier of x0.03 can be applied. So if you restored 5500 points of Energy (a common value of Energy that most Destroyers’ capacitors can store with ease), you gain 165 Score. As for allies that pass through Warp Gates set by Engineers, for each ally that passes through that Gate, you gain 25 Score, since it is used to greatly aid allies’ mobility.


Now here’s the BIG deal. I’ve observed a very substantial number of “allies” that purposely go suicide by throwing their ships into a cluster of the enemy’s ships, which does not help, _especially _in Team Battle and Domination gamemodes. So, for every death you suffer, your Score is deducted by 150 points. It might be painful (well, to the person that dies, anyway; not for his/her assassin though), but it serves as a reminder to ALWAYS keep your ship’s hitpoints at top priority and always take every opportunity to conserve every single hitpoints. An alternative is to deduct points based on the amount of hitpoints lost. Maybe a multiplier of x0.001 can be applied, meaning if you lost 125000 hitpoints, you lose 125 points.


So what do you think? Worth it, not worth it, or just needs a few more adjustments to become perfect?