Improvements for Launch Menu

So Nuke and I were thinking about some possible changes to make the new launch menu slightly better.


Here would be the basics of what we would add: 




Basically, move the PvE missions list (available ones) next to the PvE launch button, just so you can see which one’s are available without opening the galaxy map (mission icons would not be clickable like they are currently, main button would be clicked).


Also, a dreadnought battle tab could be added that could show when the next battle cycle starts, and when corporations can announce attacks for that cycle. Clicking the icon could possibly bring you to a new interface for dreadnoughts (announcing attacks, readying for attacks, etc.), or it could bring you to the galaxy map with the dreadnought mode activated (maybe remove the toggle option from the other galaxy map, making the current galaxy map tab for open space, and the dreadnought tab for the dreadnought sector map).


Any thoughts? (poll included)

Yeah. Definitely +1. It’s a little more concise and the information is more readily available.


Good stuff. Here’s hoping the community and devs agree.

PVP need to be a One-Click affair, like it was before the UI change. It’s a small thing but still grating.

I think the PvE button should be merged as it may reduce people wondering where to click.

I think the PvE button should be merged as it may reduce people wondering where to click.

True, merge and graphically adapt the whole PVE mission window.

I support this change or adaptation.


As for the grey left-over area of the interface on top left and top right, which is obscuring ship slots on the left and contracts on the right , it needs to get cut off enough, just to avoid that or just get completely removed , since it’s not pleasing to the eye.

Forwarded to the Devs.

Good day! Thank you fot the suggestion. We have chosen the direction of developing this menu, and the firts changes you could have seen in the latest patch.