Improve tooltips of Dreadnought modules


As we all know, dreadnoughts are a nice feature.

But if i want to build something on our dreadnought or i want some information about a module for comparision, i always miss the proper information, or some information is just wrong.


I now write some examples of tooltips and then how it should be.


Shield Emitter T3 (example)



Maelstrom, with Shield Emitter T3.


You can see, regeneration of 15 millions per second.


Without Shield Emitter, instead Shield Emitter Catalyst



You see a difference of 6 millions but the module says 6k, needs to be fixed, that matches more to bug reports, i know but however, not the point of the topic.

The description of the shield emitter is except of that one fault fine as it is.


Weapon Booster 


I’m not absolutely sure here, i think those 50% ignore the shields, but this is missing here. Maybe they don’t. But it feels like this.

If it doesn’t please clarify. It would make things way easier to understand.


Command Tower


How it should be:

Builds drones all ** seconds attacking enemy dreadnoughts. The drones have *** hull and *** shield pts, they deal *** thermal Damage per second. Losing the module reduces fleet points by 125.


Shield Emitter Catalyst


Fine as it is.


Resistive Coating Emitter


Also fine as it is.


Torpedo Launcher


That it’s large is not really a necessary information.

How it should be:

Torpedo launcher which launches 2 torpedos all *** seconds, both torpedos reduce the enemy fleet points by 50 pts. on impact, they have **** hull points and fly ***m/s.


Bomb Rack


Oh really? I didn’t know.


How it should be:

Bomb fastening device which generates a bomb all *** seconds, as soon as you planted the bomb on a primary hitpoint of the enemy dreadnought it explodes and deal 100 damage to the dreadnought and decreases the primary hitpoints’ defense points by 50%


About the turrets… 

Maybe add how durable they are and projectile speed.


Please, i’d like to have the tooltips somehow a bit more detailed, they miss so much information, it’s not even much work. Just some words in a random file.

Sincerely, OmegaFighter

Also some information on upgrades before buying them would be really nice. Like, I’m slightly disappointed that 35k iridium spent on upgrading the Shield Emitter Catalyst netted us… 36 fleet points, when we decide to use it. That’s not even three player deaths. Not even four structure destructions. Not even one torpedo hit.

I agree, specially with drones stats. About the “k - kk” text i dont care, you get it pretty fast and can check it.
About Weapon Booster, it doesnt goes through shields: take shields out first, then you deal that 50% extra dmg.

1+ for statue too.

I said this earlier but I like how you’ve gone and filled in the blanks for them. XP

Silly devs can’t type for longer than 2 seconds.

I said this earlier but I like how you’ve gone and filled in the blanks for them. XP

Silly devs can’t type for longer than 2 seconds.

You can not even blame it on the devs since they only do the russian part of it.

I have seen this, all too common for now.

A lot of things is not clarified. I agree, we need the comparison chart and a better description, not to mention that the Lab is still locked or not finished, so we don’t know, what to expect.

Costs for T5 modules are just insane. I wonder, who would bother spending tens of thousands of Iridium to build something, which is only slightly better in stats, while it provides no additional effects or functions?

Boost option - You need 75k Iridium just to get 24 hours less on some module.

I think that the boost option should be different, so that we don’t get less completion time, but that’s another topic.


I agree with OmegaFighter.

Implement and clarify those matters.

It can only improve or at least explain the differences between interaction modules.

Thanks, forwarded to the Devs.

Hey, we don’t just do the Russian part! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the detailed post, I will work with our game designers to ‘fill in the blanks’ and make sure all tooltips have more relevant info.