Improve the system of markers and the minimap

I believe this game has potential, but the system map is very confusing especially for new players like me and so I will make some suggestions which I believe could increase the number of players :

Height indicator - I would suggest a change of arrows markers that can confuse new players who need to guess if the enemy is above / below or behind . My suggestion is to create two types of markers . The first would have only one arrow and indicate that the enemy is above / below and the second would have two arrows indicate the enemy is behind . This system of height arrows could also be inserted into the minimap to provide more detailed information about the positioning of allies and enemies and make the game a bit more tactical .

Minimap - The minimap in this game besides being proportionally small it has a serious flaw in the player marker with color blue because it is equal to the other allies and often gets hidden behind them. I would suggest that the size of the minimap was increased or at least customizable and also the marker color of player was changed to yellow or green and inserted an indication ray vision / detection more detailed in minimap .