Improve Sector Defense % System. (Several suggestions inside)

Currently, Sector Defense percentages have a great deal of problems. Though this will in no way fix the entire issue, I propose the following solutions:

  • Rather than the current increase system, the % increases by 10 per day if no attacking wings are victorious. This means that attacking and not showing will no longer cause the sector % to stay as-is. If a sector is attacked three times and all three defenses are successful, % goes up. If even one defense fails (or any number of wings aren’t defended against) then % goes down.
  • Having the dreadnought stationed increases the % by 5 per day no matter what.  Even if you lose every fight, you get 5% if the dreadnought is stationed there. There should be some very real incentive for this system since it costs iridium and you lose the ability to construct or tweak your Dreadnought’s gear.

And to top it off, currently the system is bugged as of 1.1.4, so percents aren’t increasing at all. Period. Apparently I was wrong about this, and having 4 sectors removes the ability to add %. No prior knowledge of this information, and it’s a pretty stupid penalty. It’s a pretty big problem, but ultimately not the one in question here.


Players, I hope you agree with these suggestions, and devs, I hope you implement them as quickly as possible. This game needs them.

this setup is currently as its early stage and will undergo multiple changes - we may consider your idea too