Improve Equipment Screen - Show Ship Stats

20 ships out of the 77 in my hangar needs to have their stats rechecked and mods swapped around. A wretched task to undergo without the ability to see quickly what effects replacing one module for another. Please return the ship stats window with preview of changes back to the equipment screen.


This screen has always been the least intuitive one ever since I started playing SCon but I am sure the UI and design team can come up with a much more elegant reiteration than the one we have right now.


Players spend alot of time looking at their game items. This is one of the places where we get to see where we spent our money on. Ships, modules and upgraded performance. Equipment screen deserves better treatment. Art department has done a AAA job making the rest of the game look amazing. Equipment screen is one of your last assignment to get done right. Faction hangar is aesthetics. Equipment screen is directly related to gameplay and is more important.


“Collaborate with the players, because in the end it is the players who are using the UI.”


Can we please get a better equipment screen.