Improve email attachments and seed chips storage



This is a topic regarding attachments in e-mail and seed chips management.

Currently, there is a huge issue with rewards that give you an X amount of seed chips but you can’t take advantage of them because: Seed Chip storage is full (even if there is still some space left).

Now you either get all attachments from mail - forcing you to buy the remaining space for it, or either you are forced to destroy them (or they will get destroyed in 24h time).


I suggest the attachment system to be improved, either by allowing some of the items to be taken out or by letting you get some of the items when you press “Take All” button, the rest remaining in the mail or just simply replace the mail with a new one that contains the remaining items.


Another option would be that already equipped seed chips to not count in storage, it is kinda ridiculous to count something that it should not be there, especially that Seed Chips must be dismounted with Credits/GS in order to de-equip them. Everything related to Seed Chip management is a huuuuuge credit eater, bigger than any other ship module and ships themselves.


Thank you.