Importend! Faction Clash System

Please, i have a big Problem with Faction Clash Points. Im 50k Negativ - at Empire. I do all, i shoot pirates, fly away from Patrol etc. but i dont become positive points to do a better score. It´s hard to do Quests when you every second was attackes from Guards and Police etc. At the moment i only can play with my Albirion Fighter in Open Space.

1.implement special Faction Quests to farm positive clash score in this game!!

  1. Implement a Option to buy positive faction clash for Gold,Cash or a option like Karma reset System!!


You must kill “Enclave Pirates” and Enclave destroyers in open space (

Artuga system controlled by pirates like Stockade is best), also destroying turrets on the enclave bases. It will take time, use a cove ops or a tackler in Empire systems until you fix your negative with the Empire. Happy hunting.

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Jesus…uff…i have - 50.000 Clash at Imperium …i must kill 666 Ships ( 75 Points per ). This is a Lifetime Job

If you group up can go by faster :wink:, Stockade spawns open space Enclave destroyers, that can be rewarding and help to earn your faction repairs faster too.

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I have no one in this lvl for group…is stockade a sector? in this spawn destroyer from enclave? how many points i can farm there?

Stockade is in the photo above (green arrow) I would group with friends and corporate members, as it will take some time- you can farm all the points you need (had to help 2 members of my corp with same issue) my in game name is same as here if you need some help I love hunting destroyers :boom:-just add me to friends.

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Ok, thx…i will add you. But im from Germany…German timezone. I hope i have luck to find u online :slight_smile: