Implement the Japanese Language.

I would like to bring 日本人/NiHonJin/Japanese people into this game. 



Translate the game into Japanese, and allow text in the game to be written in Japanese.

We already have a Japanese chat room, but no Japanese text. Make it so.



That’s not how it works, you don’t translate a fuckton of strings to get a honestly small amount of people, you translate a fuckton of strings because you have a huge playerbase that needs it…


So far we’re looking for Korean, Turkish and Czech translators, which is awesome, we’re getting more and more people.

wouldn’t it be best to gain as many languages as possible for the possibility of lots of people?

I know how it works, and I’m glad they’re adding in more languages, I just believe this should be one of them down the road.

If you know any players that would like to help us with the translation, feel free to send them to me.