Implants and such

I suggest that the middle and bottom R8 implants get tweaked a bit. Because of the recent update these implants really don’t do much.

I suggest changing “Beta-accelerator “Armadillo II”” to “Upon activating Multipurpose Modules, the ships main weapons deal 10% more damage for 5 seconds.”

Also change “Beta-accelerator “CU-25b”” to “Upon activating Multipurpose Modules, the ship’s resistances are boosted by 30pts for 10 seconds.”

One is defensive and one is offensive. Ofcourse you still would have the top one that simply makes multipurpose modules reload faster.

As of now I see relatively little use in either bottom or middle R8 modules, and those that have them equipped have no idea how to use them, so this would give them more use and strategy.

I dont like the idea of removing middle 8 current effects (even that i like flying tackler and slowing ships), because its vital for interceptors and cruise fighters to have full speed: thats where most of their survability comes from, even more if they use adaptives. Middle 8 is weak now (it should require a slight buff…1 extra second inmunity imo), but its still better than 30 resist pts and 10% dmg; only one mk4 adaptive grants 42 resist points and no matter how well built is a interceptor, it dies quickly if its not evading shots.
Bottom 8 is almost the only energy syphoning counter, however i find it pretty useless (i wonder why i dont even use it in commands xD).

Yes the 2s is still enough to do something with interceptor.

Energy syphon ecms are less popular these days, but would be good for guards or interceptors if people ever used the energy drain missiles