Implant Forum Etiquette

Since the implant system is no longer based on which faction they’re on, it’s best for the new comers that we

change how we refer to the implants themselves.

I find 1-15 left to right, top to bottom a-b-c works very well when explaining.

It’s easy to comprehend the meaning, rather than simply using J1, E1,F1. Most people won’t know what these are.


Best to do it like this:   1c,2c,3c,4a,5b,6a,7b,8a,9a,10c,11c,12c,13a,14a,15b. etc.

I joined the game after the faction affiliation for implants was removed, and I just noticed that the naming seemed to run with the same themes as empire, federation, and jericho ships. I started referring to them as empire, federation, and jericho implants before I even heard anyone else abbreviate them like J2 or F8. It’s fine as is, and either way, it’s going to take something like 15 seconds of explanation for either system. Stay with the old, and then nobody has to change.

I’m going to go conservative on this one. I like the fact that each implant has a faction, it fits better with the lore. Also a lot of the bottom implants inprove shield, as you would expect from Jericho technology.

well, i have to go with the old guard here.


I find E, F, J still more logical.


imho the long explanation helps. totally not confusing.


A is reserved for Alien implants, which are not available.

B is reserved for Bumblebee and Betelgeuse Implants, which are all defective, and were recalled. Also I feel like a Sofa and can’t transform, after using these.

C is reserved for Centaari Republic. Don’t trifle with the Centaari. Viiiir! It is now forbidden since it partially is shadow tech. It all will end in fire.

D is reserved for the Dominion, a failed attempt to open a wormhole into the delta quadrant however made them redundant.

also it is said, the dominion lost the war. omg did i just spoil you? btw. it’s the gamma quadrant. my mistake.

E is empire

F is federation

G was for Guard-Implants, but Jericho bought them from Rakza.

H and I implants (hybrid and introspective) are devel only implants. I also is generally confusable with implant itself. Or me. Or u.

J is the new G. Jericho.

O Implants are generally o so hallowed.

S is for sweetroll enhancements.


:slight_smile: i don’t mind rly, i would understand both, since after this list, as we can see, a-c are clearly unused. but i think, e, f, j are still more clear, the 3 logos are still there, and it helps, if people get a little bit into the spirit of the background story and the factions.

It is widely accepted to name implants as

E/F/J+Rank LvL


Rank LvL - 1/2/3, (counting from top to bottom)

So for example, Gigas 2 implant is:

E9 or 9-1

there is no " best" implants - depending on the game mode, playstyle and your ships it can vary

there is no " best" implants - depending on the game mode, playstyle and your ships it can vary

That was an example of how to list implants. It’s not an example of the *best* implants.

why do you bother wolfie. gecko can’t comprehend.

another way is to post a screenshot…

Frankly I go by Faction/Rank name scheme.

F2, J5, E8 make more sense to me thank 9-1 or 3a or anything else being proposed.

Mostly because something like 2-1 or 1-2 leave room for confusion.

E/F/J << its best!

For me, it’s simple!


If you want to know, let us say, rank 9 impant setup, and if I got Empire one, I will say this.


9E - selected or 9a

9F or                 9b

9J or                 9c

I think the most common descriptions are rank + faction or rank + 1,2,3.