~IGWU~ In Games We Unite


Welcome the the OFFICIAL thread for the clan IGWU (In Games We Unite) it’s a group for all kinds of gamers and in all kinds of games. IGWU aims to be a group for all, newbies, veterans and generally people who just wanna’ have fun!

People We’re Looking For:

We’re (Or more specifically, me.) looking for just about anyone, we’ll accept newbies and veterans, casual players and hardcore players. People of any age may join so long as they act mature and don’t cause trouble to ruin everyone’s fun.

_ Rules: _

# Do not be rude/mean to any other members in IGWU

# Try to act in a mature manner

# No racism and/or sexism

# Have fun!

_ How to Join: _

It’s really simple to join, just fill out this short form and you’re in:

Ingame name:


Do you agree to follow the rules, yes/no:

Tell me a little about yourself:

Welcome to Star Conflict, I hope you will enjoy the game.

If you have any questions or need help feel free to ask me.