Identifying which ship belongs to what sub-faction

I used to find out if a ship was Wardens or Armada by the prefix on its class ability.  


I have no idea which is which now.  


Is it actually shown somewhere on the interface?

Should it be somewhere its noticeable if it is?

I have been looking for ages and don’t know what I need to complete my contract.  

That contract just requires you to win a match. You don’t need to be in any particular ship.

So there are no longer any sub faction ships?  That loses a lot of flavour.  


Faction ships used to be a nice bonus but now with roles its a list of stuff I can’t use anymore.  

Really? So, you’d often queue up for a match with both your Lynx 2 and Lynx-M since they were so radically different? No, didn’t think so.

i say they should add this so we can have a little more lore like witch compay payed to resharch what ship kinda give a personality to that company if their more focused of fighter then frigates