* Ideas *

Several ideas that comes from my Members ( M5 ) SpaceMafia corp. 


1 - To be able to see who contributed iridium to the corp.

Reason: so that we can see who has really been contributing.

* More ideas will be edited on this post *

We have plans for further development of corporation structure, including more usefull iridium management ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

  1. See what gamemode corporation members and friends are in like it was before

  2. Bigger MOTD for longer messages and clickable links

  3. Ability for officers/VPs/CEO to send a mail to all corp members at once in order to give information quickly

  4. Remove profanity filter from corp chat so I can have fun with my mates

  5. More corporation activities (could make a whole new thread about this) for example:

  • improved sec con
  • sec con has influence on sectors in invasion like sector “upgrade” giving better missions for corp members or better defenses against aliens
  • corp members can undock into invasion from any sector they own
  • restrict League to corporation only, so there is more identity
  1. Ability to put corp logo on ships and dreadnought (pwease pwease pwease!!)

  2. Alliances system - informal alliances have always existed for sector conquest, even before dreadnoughts, so why not add a function for this in-game?

Yes x1,000,000 for everything that Millan posted.

A longer MOTD and mass mailing system will significantly improve intracorporate communications, which is really hard to do when an MOTD is only like 5 lines long. Sure, we have private forums but it is really hard to get everyone to visit and do a survey/post on it. Trust me, I’ve tried it countless times, turnout/response rate was crap.

Did someone ever mentioned different colors for different texts?