Ideas to Improve the Quality of Higher Tier Matches

We have all had those matches where half of your team only has 1 ship, not much experience and the game mode is Capture the Beacons. You’ve pretty much lost before you’ve even started. You can’t blame these players, they want the really cool looking T5 ships/4th ship slot/extra crew as quick as possible.


I believe that there are a couple of things that can be done to help alleviate this problem. One idea comes directly from War Thunder, where a player must own a certain amount of ships before they can progress to the next tier. Such a feature could be very beneficial for this game as it will slow tier rushers down and they will be forced to try other classes and generally get better at the game. It will probably be a good idea to not count premium ships for this to prevent players buying their way to T5, though I can see the devs not liking this too much.


Some players will probably scream about this as they only want to play LRFs or whatever, but lets be realistic here, most players don’t realise how fun other classes are until they have tried them. At the very least there usually are at least a couple of classes players enjoy, so having to own a required amount of ships before progressing will not be that much of an issue. Knowledge of how other classes are flown/work will also improve a players ability to assess situations in game and improve their skills in tackling certain situations.


The second and what I reckon is probably the most important feature to implement, and has been mentioned many times before, is that in T4 and T5 you will have to have a set amount of ships in your slots before you can start a PvP battle. T4 matches would require a minimum of 3 ships, rank 8-9 ships allowed. T5 matches require a minimum of 4 ships, rank 11-12 ships allowed. Obviously you could not get into T4 matches with just T3 ships and into T5 with all T4.


Such changes in my opinion improve the quality of play in higher tier games, as tier rushing will be hindered to a certain extent, and Capture the Beacons game mode will not be ruined by players with only 1 or 2 ships in their lineup.


Devs, please for the quality of gameplay, seriously consider implementing these features.

I totally agree on all aspects. +1

If just like it if you were required to have 3-4 ships in slots to queue for cap the beacons. There, everyone’s happy. Xp

We need to slow down tier rushers, they are just as bad as players with only 1 ships in their slot, and they generally are those players with only 1 or 2 ships in their slot, that is why I think it would be beneficial for players to have to own a certain amount of ships before moving onto the next tier.