Ideas for new CPU-Modyfier

Hi all, 

here are four Ideas for new CPU-Modifiers:


  1. Range-Buffer: 

Increases the maximum range of class-active modules:

If you put it in, your target-painter, stasis field, Aegis etc. gets a range buff. 

should be between 30% - 50 %


  1. Duration Buffer:

Same as above, but increased effects duration.

between 6%-12%


  1. Strength-Buffer:

Increased effect strength.



  1. Energy-Reduce:

Reduces energy consumtion of effects:



I chose it as CPU modifier to prevent stacking in passive-slots.

Also this modifiers should be only avaiable to Fighters and Inties.

(btw. Frigates have acceleration coils  which are not aviable to other shiptypes)


Feel free to comment.