Ideas for gunship, covops and LRF class weapon

Probably devs already have ideas for missing class weapons, but here are what I would like to see. I’m not good at numbers so here are only their descriptions.




CovOps class weapon:

Needle Cannon

Rapid burst-fire railgun with regulated burst size. Normally, weapon shoots 3-bullet burst in rapid succession. By charging this weapon, bullet gain increased projectile speed, critical chance and burst increase to 4 and 5 bullets per burst. Time between bullets in burst is constant, faster than 300/min, but they are limited by time between bursts. Iridium heatsink, vanadium shells and rof implant decrease time between bursts. Heating at shrapnel cannon level. Kinetic damage.


Gunship class weapon:

Flow Blaster

Shoots penetrating energy orbs that react with each other. Each shoot emit an energy orb that pierces through enemies like singularity cannon or phaser. Orbs that reached max range stop and persist there for about 1 second and explodes making 50m explosion. When orb stops you can shoot another orb into it to fuse them together, increasing orb lifetime by one second and triggering explosion without erasing the orb, but each fuse increase explosion radius. 4th orb shot onto “stack” transforms it into vortex that deal damage over time and redirects guided and non guided missiles that fly nearby. You can continue shooting orbs into vortex triggering more explosions, resetting its 4 second lifespan. You can fuse allied orbs too. EM damage.


LRF class weapon:

Repulsor Beam

Powerfull long range laser beam with push-back mechanic. This weapon contain 3 charges. Non charged shoots laser beam like ol’ Long range laser pre 0.9 patch with quite good rate of fire and low heating. 2 charges increase range of beam and damage and visually changes beam into short pulse. 3 charges further increase range and damage, emit standard beam that deal non-charged damage locking turrets direction for 0.2 seconds (like anomaly generator) then release a pulse like 2 charges. Depending on where pulse hit it affect hit ship: When hit front, ship accelerate backwards for 0.5 seconds. When hit side, ship strafe. When hit back, ship accelerates. You can nullify accelerating by quickly hitting opposite direction move button. Accelerating after being hit by beam can be used to push back, slow-down or push foes into rocks. Thermal damage.

I really like the gunship weapon. It seems like it could use some work through. I really like the stacking orb mechanic, but it would be quite difficult to make this happen just because of how fast-paced this game is. I’d suggest that the projectiles do not pierce, but upon impact become stationary, as to allow for you to stack projectiles on to enemies. Otherwise it’s just an OP singularity. Xp

I like the needle cannon too but what’s so special about it? If you had a CovOps that has Mk5 pulse lasers equipped, what would make you want to use that weapon instead? It’s a great base for a better weapon, it’s just a bit boring.

I honestly I have no idea what you mean with the LRF cannon idea. Does the laser charge as you fire it? Do you charge then release for a beam? How does it work? It’s just a bit confusing. ^^;

All around great ideas! Keep them coming! We need more great thinkers!

Edit: and even if they don’t become class weapons, I’d really like to see them added! Especially the Flow Phaser or whatever it was called. X3

Edit edit: Maybe the vortex created by the Flow Blaster could pull in enemies like the Destroyer singularity. That’d be beyond cool! *fangirl scream*

*accidental comment*

Sounds good, we will see how we can use the ideas.

Sounds good, we will see how we can use the ideas.

I sense new holiday weapons!! X3