Idea for "Particle Purge"


Sorry if it is in wrong section but i did not post much in here and I’m putting it here.

Particle Purge, a module for gunships that blasts shields into air changing it into weapon doesn’t looks to effective because as we all know gunship’s shield does not last for long in battle so there is my suggestion of a little rework for this module.

So for more effective use Particle Purge could be “Double Use” module. First use turns off ship shields making them to take no damage from incoming attacks but making hull vulnerable. In this state ship’s shields are drained 5% per second up to 10 seconds. 

Second use makes caught Shield Volume to blast in range (same like now). You can blast shields right after first use but also you can keep from that for few seconds.

If you don’t use module second time in 10 seconds after first use, shields are not blasted and leaves you with 50% volume and regenerates 10% of shields in 10 seconds. If you blast your all shields, it regenerates 15% of shields in 10 seconds.

For the time while shields are off (after first use) shield regeneration is also turned off.

Using Shield Booster after First use of Particle Purge brokes effect and you gonna need to wait for next use.  Also shield is resisting effects like Mass Shield Generator from engineering frigates at the time of first use.

That’s all. Awaiting for you opinions :smiley: