idea for faction

dont know why but just got this idea for a faction, even when i know it wont be implementend at least not anytime soon here it goes.

scavenger faction: scavengers are the scum of space. pirates, thieves, assasins, renegades and exiliated that group up to steal what ever they find. although they use several planets as hideouts they dont have one of their own and they pass most of their time in flying fortresses wandering through space in search of new victims.

they dont have many factories to produce ships but they have become keen in scrapping material from destroyed ships and then adding it to their owns.

faction stats

highest speed

low hull

low shield

strong guns

faction special

scavenger: each kill will grant a 40% heal, each assist will grant 20% heal.

modules or ship special

hooks (fighter or frigate): shoot a hook that will fly at a fixed speed, when it hits a ship both will be linked for several seconds, ship will now be able to drag smaller ones or slow down (using the reverse engine) aswell as prevent enemy ship from scaping them.

take over(interceptors): ship attemps to take control of enemy ship and self destruct it, requires to be very close for several seconds.

scrap (frigates or fighters): after each kill or assist enhance ship performance with the remaining of enemy ships, if destroyed all upgrades are lost

ship look:

they should look like flying space junk :lol: sort of like reaver ships


Heal on kill ratio is a nice idea, but at 40/20% It would be broken.

there are some games where people go with 0 deaths, 20-30 kills, this would only help to support these unfair odds, and encourage camping, which would take away from close-quarter combat. Such a bonus is nice, but its likely not the best outcome for the game.

A better solution would be to dedicating a Hull type (for example frigate hull) to a specific type of ship for support, For example now we have ceptor, frigate, and fighter, adding another “support” that has a high amount of active mods, no weapons and high defenses.

from there lowering the cool down, and buffing the healing amount to be around 5%/s.

from there adding the desired manual select option will allow allies to lock allies, and there for use the mod direction on them (channel effect)

another option is to make maps with capture points (outposts) heal you when you uplink to them (sit in their orbit)

another option is to make maps with capture points (outposts) heal you when you uplink to them (sit in their orbit)

no, it is hard to capture becon with guard anyway, so think about that → a frigate with heal without using mods…