Idea for Command vs Engineering support modules

So, since I imagine Engineering T3 repair modules are going to receive a balance pass anyway, I figure I’ll pitch an idea in the probably insane hope it might even get looked at:


Engineering Frigates:

T2 Nanodrone Cloud

T2 Mass Shield Generator

T3 Aegis System

T3 Coating Polarizer


Command Fighters:

T2 “Superaegis” System - Active module that grants higher resists than Aegis for 10s, but on a 50s cooldown like the Valkyrie.

T2 Coating “Superpolarizer” - Ditto for hull.

T3 Shield Pulse - Active module like the remote shield gen that restores friendly shields on a cooldown.

T3 Hull Repair Pulse - Ditto for hull.


This isn’t a scheme to “fix” T3 repair modules, the T3 repairers would still need a balance pass whether they were on engy frigates or command ships. It’s intended as an idea to differentiate command fighters, which at the moment feel a bit like second fiddle support ships to engy frigs. Engy frigates would specialise in passive buffs, while command fighters would specialise in more powerful short duration buffs with cooldowns. This would fit with the idea of engineering as a mid-line support ship, while the command fighter gets stuck in the front line and uses that awareness to use their buffs at the critical time.

This to me just seem like the engineering frigs is going to be even more powerful giving more buffs while the command fighters just went down the drain

The ships are limited to the amount of active modules they can use at one time, its not a bad idea to give command modules to a engineer frigate but fighters are more in need of active modules than frigates as each role only have 3 active modules designated for each role in the fighter category.