[IB] Infernal Blaze



What Does It Take to become an Infernal Blaze Pilot?

  • T2 - T5 Ships
  • Time in game : 24hrs +
  • Time in battle : 5hrs. +
  • PvP + PvE battles : 100+ (The number of PvP and PvE matches combined

must be equal to 100. For Example : 65 PvP matches and 35 PvE matches = Total of 100


Game Modes

  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Open World
  • Corporation Battles
    How Do I Join?
  • Register on our Forums
  • Must speak English
  • Submit an Application
    Requirements for Retaining Membership
  • Login once every 30 days (You will be kicked if you fail to login)
  • Visit the forums at least once a month
    Why Infernal Blaze?


What is the Infernal Blaze? Is it the beacon in the night that will not extinguish regardless of time or weather? Like that beacon, the Infernal Blaze Clan is a gaming community that has not extinguished since 2006 when a few friends joined together to create a gaming community based not on skill, but on fair and fun play. Our leadership is experienced and helpful to create a friendly and stable clan that anyone can join and feel welcomed.


We are also in several other games, but Star Conflict is one I’m spearheading.


Looking forward to seeing more pilots in-game!

We have just introduced a new Honorary Officer system. It’s based off of Leaderboard effectiveness for the corporation. Are you willing to beat the competition?

“It is the beacon in the night that will not extinguish regardless of time or weather?” Is that supposed to be a question? Seems like it shouldn’t end with a question mark.


Anyway, good luck to IB!



I’ve seen you in-game many times before.

We are looking for experienced Officers who have either played the game for a while, or have been in a position of power in another Star Conflict corporation.


You can PM me here, my forums, or message me in-game for details. If you are experienced, you will get an Officer position. No questions asked.


We are still looking for newer pilots, though.