Hybrid missile change

Given its low-effectiveness state, I suggest a small change to its function.


I suggest that it functions like the vigilant’s mine launcher. It should have a “capacity” of 5 missiles (four in storage and one in the launch chamber, as seen in the model) and it should reload one drone in about the time it takes one to despawn. Launching them should be almost without cool down, to allow the user to empty the cartridge very fast for heavy defense, or tactically for strategic takedowns.


Either way, if you do not plan on buffing its damage, make it faster to use.

More range wouldn’t hurt too.

17 minutes ago, ORCA1911 said:

More range wouldn’t hurt too.


Agreet. Or maybe even a slow homing ability.

Kinda like the Photon does?

More dmg, less cool down, more range, being able to detonate the missile at any range. Those are the biggest problem.

More missile +1 I like the idea

I was also thinking about explosive shoots and a higher fire rate, giving the missile the ability to track enemy while keep firing(a bit like crystal satellite)