I decided to write as an owner of big screen. It would be nice if you would make HUD objects movable. It’s quite hard to look at all corners at the same time at once while in fight so that’s why i think it would be a nice feature. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t mean to change HUD itself but only objects which are now implemented as a part of hud movable. 


Thanks. By the way you have a great game there. Keep up the good work. 

need more options on the HUD like take off some things and add some others. example take off friendly notifications unless ur accidently shooting them. ect ect

This is good idea. I recently had a problem with the weapon module, which was covered by the chat. It was hard for me to click on the icon.

Customizable HUD is planned feature. No ETA for this.

Might I suggest adding targeting reticle color options?  I consistently find myself aiming at a chunk of rock when I thought I was aiming at a ship.  A bright green reticle might help solve this issue.