HP, location indicator for drones/constructs?

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find it odd that there isn’t some kind of indicator that shows you where your drones/constructs are on the map, and their HP (if applicable). For instance, sometimes I forget where my micro locator is, or where my tackler’s sentry drones are, and I can’t find them at all. Furthermore, for the sentry drones, I don’t even know if it’s dead or alive. 


Hence, I would like to suggest a HP/locator indicator for drones and constructs, such as:

  • Recon micro locator
  • Tackler sentry drones
  • Engie healing/energy stations
  • Engie mobile barriers
  • Attack drones (the ones in your missile slots)

Warp gates could have the indicators as well, but it’s not that important IMO.

Warp gates are visible at any distance anyway but I wouldn’t mind to see them on the map. Healing stations as well.

The rest only for the person who dropped them and only optionally - personally I don’t forget where I drop my locators or barriers (nor do I care).

Maybe if they’d show an area of effect overlay for locators/healing stations and such on the map, but I fear it might get a bit busy. If it’s a very light, color coded shade it might be good.

Count of an engineer’s combat drones somewhere in the UI would be nice though (just so you can be surprised when the first missile didn’t kill both of them ;)).

+1, and the area of effect overlay would be super nice as well. I have a hard time judging the AOE of things.