How to improve Windows and Game performance (for expert users)

This is a fast and generic guidance on how to improve the performance of Microsoft Windows and of the game.

How to improve game performance (Google’s Translate)

This guide is for an experienced user or at least conscious of the changes that are about to make. Or who wants to learn.

It is assumed that the user will provide a self-taught research of the above information.

The points discussed are:

  • Hardware required.
  • The verification of the presence of the driver.
  • Processes started at power pc.
  • The scheduled jobs and self HDD defragmentation.
  • The auto indexing in Windows HDD.
  • Windows visual effects.
  • 3D video card settings.
  • The settings of the graphics of the game.

This is a guide written by me, an industrial expert specializing in informatics and in programming languages.

The official guide written by the developers is: [OS & Hardware optimization](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18819-os-hardware-optimization/)