How to get basic building materials the easy way

For those of you not interested in RNGesus, Open Space scavenges and other, to you, time wasting activities, there is a simple way to get those basic building materials.


All you have to do is figure out which module on which upgrade level drops which material while salvaging and all you need is vouchers that you can get from doing tasks.


To make things easier for you guys, this is the basic rundown how things work atm:

  • T1 modules give out metal blanks on mk2 upgrades 90% of the time, no need to upgrade further because all you will get is more metal blanks and waste vouchers

  • some T1 modules drop silicon (ex: the collision compensator drops 1 silicon on mk2 (400 vouchers) and 3  silicon on mk3 (+900 vouchers) = 3 silicon every 1300 vouchers)

  • T2 modules give out silicon 90% of the time

  • T3 modules begin to vary in salvage drops from silicon to computing chips and on mk4 even drop processing block and screened batteries

  • T4 modules drop osmium mostly on mk3 upgrades and a large quantitiy of processing blocks and screened batteries

  • T5 modules drop computing chips on mk2, 10 graphite plates on mk3 and a large quantity of combo drops like processing blocks and osmium or screened batteries and computing chips


Keep in mind a couple of things, you wont find much metal plates and silicon in T3/4/5, they only go as far as T3 items, materials like processing blocks and screened batteries only drop from T3/4/5 modules upgraded higher than mk2 (mk4 mostly) and computing chips/osmium drop from T4/5 modules with a decent efficiency ratio of vouchers spent and materials gained. Graphite plates drop in a rather large quantity on mk3 T5 modules.

If you overdo the whole upgrade->salvage process like a certain someone (cca 50 collision compensators upgraded to mk3 and get like 150 silicon in a minute or two) you will get booted from the server for “too many requests in a short time bs” and a weeklong inability to salvage that specific item you overdid.


My personal opinion is that you can stock enough metal blanks and silicon in cheaper ranks and graphite plates in higher ranks by simply playing anything from pvp and pve to get vouchers from tasks and the osmium and computing chips can be easily acquired in ores in Open Space. And if you worry about wasting vouchers just remember that if you’re not into competitive play, the only mk4 items you’ll ever need is multipurpose modules and perhaps resistance mods, mk2 stuff is satisfactory in performance terms 90% of the time.


In case you want to ask me about berilium and neodium stuff, the cheapest and fastest way to get them is through specific transport farming explained in my transport handbook in guides and on top of that you will get basic building materials too, it all depends on how fast you are at killing and collecting. Any other way is slower or requires real moneyz.


Please use this topic to discuss salvage drops and dedicate it to helping each other progress faster.

Why make it easy, when one can use simple English laguage the complicated way ![:dntknw:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/dntknw.gif “:dntknw:”)


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Why make it easy, when one can use simple English laguage the complicated way ![:dntknw:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/dntknw.gif “:dntknw:”)


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i dont get it.

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