How many of different Classes your team has

Would be nice to see a counter with the amount of ships for each class in a battle. on the First screen.


so if your team has 0 Engineering frigates it would be easy to spot and change your ship before the game starts.





+1 would be really helpful. Nothing worse than flying about with a bunch of the same ships.

you mean fly around without heal :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes +1, or at least, in the ship choosing screen of the match. Replace the logo on the side of ships of our teammate who are Inty/Fighter/Frig logos by their role. A simple modification that would be really helpful yeah.


The same idea : Oh the ennemy have a Covert Ops and we don’t have a recon, time for me to bright ;D

How about a quick counter informing you what T class of a ship someone has selected for the battle.  It’s a pain and most of the time there is a lack of time to mouse over the icon and wait for the screen to pop up.