Honest fix for camera/Parallax problem: Default Aiming Distance

Lots of weapons in game are currently gravely underperforming dur to parallax/camera issues. I know that camera was adjusted many times but I think instead we should have simple and better solution: Set default aiming distance!!!

Currently if no object is under your aim the aiming distance if INFINITE! This with parallax effect+lower ping makes certain weapons become almost useless at close range vs fast ships.

We should let player set “Default aiming distance” i.e. distance at which guns will fire when NO OBJECT is under the crosshair. For best results I believe this should be part of each ship setup.

P.S. War Thunder has this option and WW2 planes in real life were adjusted to have aiming distance corresponding to their gun setup… I believe this will improve simple projectile based guns and make them usable for close range fast fights

I wonder if a good solution would be for your weapons to converge on the enemy lead-point closest to your crosshairs (with a weight prioritizing enemies closer to you)?
To override that, begin to lock a target for your weapons to converge on their lead point while ignoring all others?

I definitely run into targeting issues with circle-strafe tactics, and struggle to find solutions to adequately counteract it (Commitment, minefields, drones, pulsar, torpedoes… sometimes they work, sometimes they do nothing )

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I do agree that it would make sense: Make weapons focus on locked target distance. I simply suggested certain default number as current setup does not make any sense at all. Why would my weapons aim at 10,000m distance when my MAX firing range is set to 2,000 ??? Also I know this work OK for War Thunder thats all. But I do like your suggestion too

OH I think I misunderstood, yes it makes sense that convergence would at the very least only go as far as max weapon range, otherwise it’s needlessly making accuracy worse than caused by weapon spread

Also I’d like to note the convergence is NOT the main problem. When enemy is not in perfect center of screen and leading circle is not predicting correctly (enemy maneuver/ping prediction) then your weapon will fire at completely wrong angle. It will aim so way BEHIND the enemy there is almost no chance to hit them

I’ll try to clarify with these. Lets say this is the situation:

Since I’m not aiming at leading circle my guns are firing way behind the enemy.
Here is what happening if looked from above:

All guns with particles in this game have aim assistance (all yours shots is flying in leading circle). You can going to turn it off.


But i am thinking your accuracy going to be lower after that. Because widout assistence going to aim in target, it will much difficult.

I’m aware of that option. Aim assistance ONLY works when your aim is inside the small leading circle. This is not helpful at all in close distance and when enemy is turning. You MUST aim at different point to hit but you cant.

Thank for the info but I’m afraid you did not understand the problem I described

I understood that. Yeap you MUST aim at different point to hit, because liding circle is lying in dogfight.
I tought u cant do it because, you are shoting near liding circle and assistance is working. And you are missing.

In SC ditance can change wery fast, correction on Paralax and guns converge must be dinamicly. Must be the same distance as your target lock distance.

However SC devs never going to do it.

yes exactly. Although devs do change things but really… lately they tried so hard to introduce new weapons yet unless its a beam or singularity it hits too poorly in medium/close range.