Homing missile smarter?

If you have played you will know it the homing missile is too useless because it alway hit ROCK!!!


-What 's kind of this homing technology? We not the miner dicking the rock!!


The point is if the ship can carry more missle this will not the problem but one ship has average 4-5 missile in a match. and it almost useless by hitting  rock. it should smarter to find target without hit rock.


PS: sorry my bad english.

They do sometimes hit a rock but, usually that is because of the map and when you decide to shoot it.

Yes, homing missiles require you to think about their attack vector and objects in between. Try to shoot ahead of him and it will already be far more likely to hit

at the moment i see most the map have tons of rock, hard to decide when shoot it. so should add some map like magnetic field not asteroid. 


And there have a problem, if the map is a blank map all will play snipe, no place to hide only fighter, ceptor, empire firagte can play on it.

There are some gaps and open areas in the map, best to try to make someone move to those places so you would get a higher chance of landing a hit with a missile. Though honestly missiles can be a little weird, sometimes passing a target, flying circles, then hitting the target after a few seconds. Then there are times when you have a straight shot of the target and the missile would just drop down while moving forward.