I thought system hack would be really popular but it seems not ;p 

There is only one spot open on ECM.


After energy drain, hull repair, and inhibitor beam.


Ion drops EMP so it is hard to say no to it. I do, but I can see it being difficult for other players.

I prefer hull repair + ion inhibitor + stasis as basics… That leave one spot for the 3 other modules available. Hack is really fun on storm viking :smiley: But the weapon system inhibtor is also great to help protect an ingi. I prefer energy drain on waki AE too.


So I guess that’s why we don’t see much.


It’s also less “flashy” than the holoships spam :smiley:

Also the Hack module is T4 and T5.

(Timebomb) Holoships are T3, T4 and T5.