Since the 0.9 patch, hints for me show up for a quarter second and disappear.  I’ve probably read most of them, but now I can’t see any since the patch.  Considering few people probably spend 60 seconds searching for loot, why not while searching for loot?


Has this been reported yet?  It’s yet to be fixed…  They always show up for a fraction of a second, never enough time to read.  I know many new players could find them valuable.  Considering a new patch is to be released in a few hours, it may be too late, but how is this going?


My main concern is new players who see a hint and get the impression it’s only for extremely fast readers.  I’ve yet to fully read a hint when I saw it since the change.

Here’s the list of tips to read at your leisure while you wait for a change:

  • Use invisibility on tacklers to stealthily approach the enemy
  • Use repair modules to restore your ship’s hull
  • Command ships are meant to be the spearhead of your team
  • Remember your role and stick with your teammates
  • Recon interceptors capture beacons incredibly swiftly
  • Homing missiles are good in close combat
  • Disintegrators need time for the initial charge
  • Typically, the “dead zone” is located below the ship
  • ECM interceptors can block controls of an enemy ship
  • Fly close to a beacon in order to capture it
  • You can hide from missiles behind obstacles
  • Game settings let you adjust the desired control mode
  • A squad is an unstoppable force
  • Found a bug? Post it to the game forum!
  • Pilot licenses give various bonuses and speed up your progress
  • All ships have a hard speed limit of 700 m/s
  • Fulfill faction contracts to acquire credits and loyalty
  • Remember the sniper training - switch positions often
  • Never forget about strategy and tactics
  • Plasma Arc boasts high damage but is limited by its low range
  • Use the mailing system to send messages to other players!
  • Trophies in your mail do not occupy any storage spaces
  • Activating Adaptive Camo drops the EMP-bomb in Detonation
  • Always have a good retreat plan in mind

It’s not really knowing the hints that bugs me, it’s seeing text show up for a quarter of a second that bugs me.  But, for T1 players some of it could be really helpful.