Highlight Chat Tabs

Not sure if this belongs here or in social… its kind of both I guess:


I suggest adding a color highlight to the Chat Room Tab at the top of each chat to better indicate which chat room you are currently in… IE: Squad/Group chat is already color coded with orange text. Add orange highlight color to the chat tab at the top. Same for Corp = Green tab. Battle = Blue tab. General = White



This would be a very helpful visual indicator for when you need to change from one to there other on the fly or to check at a glance which one you are in.

Absolutely!  The number of times I’ve posted in the wrong chat because I couldn’t see out of the corner of my eye what chat I was in…

+1, i agree we need more visuals on what chatroom we are currently in. Before and after we type. SO either all text is a certain color for different rooms, or The whole chat window changes color shades slightly.