Higher loot value, Solid tiers, Less expensive ships

The 7.12 patch screwed everything up and now the people at gaijin are acting too attached to it to let it go. Before the patch I was about to buy a prometheus I had been saving for, then Gaijin was like “No dice, Jackass!”


Now the loot sucks and I am much farther away from the prometheus. Every time I launch I get thrown against people 1-2 tiers higher than me, fly my xxxx off to keep up and then get frak all as my reward. The 7.12 patch made this game suck- not just because of what the game is now, but because of what it was. In my opinion it was one of the funnest games ever created. Now it’s a pay-to-win sh+tfest that no one plays.


My suggestion is to make all three of the things from this topic’s title happen. The ship prices were fine, the loot was fine and the MM was fine. Maybe all three things is too much, it’s okay if you just get rid of mixed tier combat. 7.12 was three broad steps backward, so if you’re going to be all Stalin on us at least take 1 babystep forward and hotfix the damn matchmaker.