Hide the load screens between areas

When you fly to the warp gates between systems, you have to activate your jump then you go to a load screen. This load screen doesn’t need to be there, atleast not the way it is. You can hide that load screen behind a transitional cut-scene of your ship flying through space at light speed, kind of like the warping in that we see in the PvP gamemode at the start. Numerous games have successfully done this, obliterating the feeling of “slowness” in their games; An example would be the Metroid games when you go into the elevators to different areas, It would be simple to do something similar with the space between zones.


Basically you would render the players ship, which would be a variable stored the moment you undock like a integer for ship number, then the particle effects you see in the PvP gamemode’s warping in effect. Finally you could do a pre-rendered backdrop or animated texture that isn’t heavy on system resources. Basically you’d loop this scene until you finish loading, then end it when you reach the next zone. Fairly simple idea that would help greatly in reducing the feeling of waiting at load screens. You could even play a song while the player is warping, and they could chat or access the menu if they want. I haven’t done heavy duty programming in awhile but this idea wouldn’t be that difficult to do.


Just a suggestion in making your game even better!


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I made a similar suggestion to this one in the past,but it also involved the freezing loading screen when you use the spatial scanner,yet, they are busy with the T5 dds right now so they might save this for the OS rework,whenever that will come out…

Interesting idea. Ive seen this from Tera. It would be nice to have something like this if the performance hit isnt too big (longer load times,it matters quite a bit in OS). Thunder has a point with the freeze from spat scanner too.

 Thunder has a point with the freeze from spat scanner too.

It’s a feature,and a feature needs a log,this one for example: post-255735-0-28835900-1462557005.jpg You welcome again Skula.



I never liked the loading screens and the lack of an animation for portals, and this suggestion solves both.



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