Help Call for Invasion

I propose the following:


In invasion, u have a “Panic Button”. When u press it all other players in the area are informed that u need help, via a text message “Player X needs help” and a signal showing ur location. The signal persists for several seconds.


Benefits: Players are encouraged to fight together against Pirates and Bios. 


To avoid spammming, it is only possible to use this every one minute.



It will help me while pirating, and show me where the weak targets are  :012j:


But seriously, I think it is a fairly good idea.  The fact that pirates can see you could be the downside, and you therefore use it at your own risk.  Either way if you press that button, you were likely to die…

You should check here.


Check Distress Call feature.

thanks for your input - forwarded to Devs

Thank you.

sounds great. we had a similar idea before and we may use it for further development.

You should pilot recon in invasion. They have a panic button.