Heimdall [Ship]

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Imperial Engineer R17 Heimdall

In order to separate the great from the mediocre, and to intice more mercs to focus on protecting their team rather than wasting resources on quick deaths, a special mandate was released by the Emperor himself that sated ‘Any Mercenary to achieve a great level of repair skill and experience will be granted use of a master-level engineering craft unlike any other. Those that wish to buy their way in to power shall be exiled without question.’ and released a special rank 17 engineering ship to select individuals who had proven their worth by healing over one hundred million durability points for allies in battle. It was meant to improve both teamwork and effort on the battlefield, and also to be a reward to those that worked the hardest to keep their teammates alive.

The only way to obtain this ship is to heal allies in battle by a sum of over 100 million points. The ship cannot be bought or crafted, and all unique items for the ship are given when it is unlocked, not to be used on any other ship. It is meant as an end-game ship that the player needs to work for and can’t just unlock early on unless the player ONLY uses engineer ships very effectively.

Appearance: Most design elements taken from Dyrnwyn, but with a larger, more modern, and wide aggressive style. Very rich and gold and Imperial looking, but looks like it’s meant to take hits and dish them out. Has what looks like eagle wings curving forwards to the front of the ship like a large claw.

*Primary weapon: Nanoburst Missiles
Damage: Medium
Blast radius: medium
Range: very high
Flight speed: high
RoF: low
Function: Single click fires a misisle that homes in on the locked ally and heals them a lot on impact.(does not home in on enemies) Holding fire shifts the user’s camera in to the missile and allows them to manually control it. Manually controlled missiles deal more damage and heal more for allies, but leave the user vulnerable. Releasing the trigger detonates the controlled missile.

*Special Module: Evac Protocol
Function: Passively increases resistance for the user and allies. Active mode greatly increases user maximum speed and maneuverability, and allows the user to pick up allies and transport them to safety while healing them. Getting close to an ally whose hull is at <50% durability will forcibly dock them to the front of the ship and begin repairing them at a rapid rate. While docked, the user has decreased resistance, and can move the ally freely to safety. The ally can release dock at any time then cannot be grabbed again for a short time. Allies carrying a bomb cannot be picked up. Allies can manually dock to the user but can be kicked off by the user at any time to make room for more damaged allies.

Passive Module: Vengeful Spirit
Function: When the ship dies, it releases a drone that continues to attack enemies and heal allies on its own.

Passive Module: Warp Sphere
Function: Turns all Warp Gates installed by the user in to Warp Spheres that can be entered in any direction.

Active Module: Protonet Wall
Recharge: low
Function: Creates a large barrier than can be shot through, but enemies cannot fly through it. Max of 2 deployed at once. Short persistence.(<30s)

*Active Module: Rejector Station
Recharge: high
Function: Places a large battlestation in space that slowly pushes all enemies away, while healing nearby enemies and improving various stats as it is upgraded. Like the Waz’Got battlestation, but normal looking. Possibly could look like a small fortress being slowly built in space. High hit points and large surface area so allies can hide behind it and use it as a sort of mobile base.
1: - Rejector: slowly pushes enemies away from the station.

  • Projector: Gives the station an extremely large shield around it to protect allies like the Bastion Shield.
  • Helper: Surrounds the station with a gas that reduces enemy resistance.
    2: - Repairs: Heals ally shields and hulls.
  • Booster: Places buff boosters around the station for allies to pick up.
  • Enhancer: Increases resistance, damage, and speed of nearby allies.
    3: - Heavy Cannon: Gives the station a heavy cannon that has a low RoF but high damage and range.
  • PDT Cannons: Gives the station several small kinetic turrets that target nearby enemies, drones, and missiles.
  • Area Burn: Every few seconds, a wide area around the station is highlighted then burned.

*Gotta have it

Yes, please!


“Gotta have it” ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


… buuuuuut, if it’s for the great and not for the mediocre, then maybe 500 mil. points of healing as target? Or what about 1 billion? Looks much, but in reality it isn’t that much, for a talented and passionate engi player.


On 7/26/2020 at 6:10 AM, DaCookiez said:

Yes, please!


“Gotta have it” ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


… buuuuuut, if it’s for the great and not for the mediocre, then maybe 500 mil. points of healing as target? Or what about 1 billion? Looks much, but in reality it isn’t that much, for a talented and passionate engi player.


I don’t really have a good estimate on what a really good lifetime engi heals so it’s basically just “a whole dang lot of healing required”