Heavy-Laser Weapons Change

Here is a comparison of the current heavy beam, and the new one. I have changed the concept slightly, to shooting 3 times each interval, and each interval is 3-4 seconds. You will click fire one, and it will shoot 3 times. each sequence would follow the follow, and go to where the cursor is, much like assualt/rapid plasma do when you hold down the weapon, example this this weapon will have a cooldown between each shot. this weapon would specialize in burst damage, the projectile will travel fast, and be very accurate. each time the gun fires it will over heart, and take 2-3 seconds to cool. each hit will do 600-750 damage, so a total of 1800-3000 damage per a volley. 


  • Math


Burst damage on normal weapons can reach up to 6k on crits, but the stability of this is very low (meaning it does not happen often). some weapons currently can do dependable 1500-2000 damage hits. though i would not call that burst as much as i would call it dps/steady damage.


The new laser will hold around 220 possibly up to 360 burst damage (depending on how devs want to make it) but below i will give math on each example.


At 220 damage, the typical attack is around 600-700

At 320 damage the typical attack is around 1000-1500


Critical strike is around 200%, So 220 can crit up to 2000 damage (with fed talent) and 3200 can crit up to 3000.


so every 3 seconds, you will fire every 1 second, dealing 1 volly of this damage. That means to burst your full damage, you will need a total of 6 seconds. there for the factor of this is done starting at second one, and refreshing at second 3. now, because this makes math very hard for most to follow we will make it easy and say it will take off around 15% dps because the damage spans of 3 seconds, and is on cooldown for 3 seconds.


So at 1000 dmg in 3 seconds 3000 damage / 3= 1000 / 3 second cool down average output = 333 dps. this means spikes can ready up very high, which may mean the weapon damage may actually need to go from 320 to 220, but in general the following comes out


320 impact on main weapon = 1k spike, at 333dps average

220 impact on main weapon = 2100 = 700 spike, at 233 dps average


the second is more reasonable.


now onto the next part of the weapon, and its effectiveness.


because of the design of this weapon, its projectile beams move very fast, at 3850-4250 meters a second. This means that it can reach up to 8k in the matter of 2-3 seconds, making this slightly better then hailstorm at sniping; however, because of the lower optimal range/max range, the hailstorm still trumps it as a sniping gun, but it will be possible to mid-ish long range snip. the weapon may have a lower optimal putting its snip up to 6-7k (ideally this is best).


because of the pulse 3 shots in a short time, this weapon excels on interceptors and attackships for attacking slower targets, making it something good for interceptors to use. and because it shoots in pulses and has a cooldown, it will suit sort of bombing runs on frigates, via interceptors.


and thus comes out, the new heavy weapon






because they are just not working right, in fact all heavy weapons are causing problems.


this change will make heavy beams good on all 3 ships, for many different uses (sniping, burst, bombing runs) not just frigates, but also interceptors etc.

Don´t you think a weapon, so versalite like you suggest it, would be a bit OP and like “the must have”, leaving other weapons unused?

No, because it has a cool down interval, after hit the left click on time, it fires 3 shots, then is on cooldown, as a result, it has a control mechanic, Ie cant be op as long as the numbers are right. 



the weapon will do something like 235 dps if set to 160 impact, or something like 335 dps if set to 220