Heavy Guard Drone Projectile Speed

Just a small suggestion.


Currently the projectile speed of the heavy guard drone is so slow, it won’t hit anything that isn’t the width of a barn door unless it is sitting completely still.


Could it get a slight projectile speed buff so it is effective against frigates, at least?

Agreed, also make it available on T5 ships.

This drone is made for being used on a combo with the Gravi-Beam/Engine suppressor.


Regarding the base damages and the base range, I can understand why it need to be used with other mechanics.

it is supposidely used for attacking frigates but like rakza said, slow stuff down it could be used for most ships

Problem is, its really not useful against frigates either. Most frigates slide around a decent amount, and aren’t pancake shaped like the Grizzly or Tormentor. So it’s very easy for the drone to miss all of its shots.