Having to Aim Modules

I think it would significantly improve balance if you had to actually aim more of the modules. Specifically, if you had to aim any module that currently requires only targeting.


To make this less jarring, the module shouldn’t go off unless you’re actually going to hit the target with it (so it stays greyed out until your reticle is aiming at a targeted enemy). This is similar to the current system where it stays greyed out unless the target is in range.


More technically, the targeted modules should be changed to hitscan and they shouldn’t fire (and shouldn’t go on cooldown) unless they hit.


For one, it would really help with balancing the faster ships. Right now, higher speed means lower health and lower damage to balance being harder to hit, but that’s often not worth the speed when there are so many ways to disable, slow, or outright kill an enemy without having to aim at them.


It would also help to reinforce the role concept. Right now, without having to aim offensive modules, too many different classes have very strong ways to deal with fast enemies that they would otherwise have difficulty hitting. If this change went in, Guardians, which are supposed to screen fast fighters and interceptors, would be even more valuable because their area-of-effect modules would be more necessary for dealing with swarms of fast enemies than they are right now.

This would nerf Interceptors.  


I drop shield steal and spy drones at targets circling or chasing me all the time using closest target or ship targeting me.  


If I had to aim I’d have to more or less stop to use them.  


The Microwarp requires aiming.  


The current modules are balanced for no-aim, I’d be happy to see more powerful ones that take some skill to aim.