Harvesting points by not assisting

is just an exploit. I see the highest players in corporations get there by pushing for high level games and then refusing to assist in game until the other 2 players are gone. This is promoted and rewarded? I call it cheating.

Just sayin.

In PVE I always ask for lvl 49 or 59 depending on the map cuz I can solo that with ease. Usually one of you guys will select a low lvl like 10 or less. 15 tops. When I see that I will say “If you go this low I will not play.” usually one of you threaten to report I say “Do it I dont care this low is not worth my effort.” Then I alt tab and periodically check on the game so I can que for next one. Even if I disconnect I cant use my ships. But to make a point in protest for disrespecting me I will not help one bit. In the event you all so pathetic you can do even lvl 15 when I check in at last minute and see this I might just give you the ultimate insult by wining it after you all disconnected. So maybe next battle you will do as your told so I can farm y credits and insigs. I am not gonna play for 150k credits and 10 insigs when i need 600 and 400mil to advance to next level. No i get nothing by refusing to play. I am just mad and not gonna help you after you disrespected me.

I get assist because my modules help you guys weather I want them to or not. PVE is a really sore spot for me because I am trying to make my ships handle lvl 60 solo for stupid missions. You low lvl players ruin my progress. Any more after the 2nd or 3rd battle where you guys screw me over I exit game for the night making star conflict population even lower.

PVE is so screwed up cuz the devs keep making changes to the ai difficulty therefor nerfing my seed chips and insig power/def.

NEXT TIME SOMEONE ASK FOR 49 OR 59 TRUST THEM. They believe they can solo it. Take a free ride and get 3mil credits and 27 insigs which is still nothing. But a lot more than what lvl 1-10 pays.

I share my builds with anyone who ask. I am a treasure trove of info, but you guys curse me out and then hit ignore. Unlike some of the stronger players in this game I am not afraid to share my builds or seed chips. Like a car you can have a fast car but that dont mean you can drive fast.

My words may come out harsh, but in the end if you follow my lead we all can benefit. I have no problem explain how things work. Not much i dont know in the game. Been here since 2012

honestly I agree with x) and at the same time no x)

the goal of a game is to play x) and not be destroyed by overboosted AI xD yes you will be the only one and the game will be won ^^
but being destroyed in a loop is not funny at all x)

especially if you chain the pve and the level is high ^^ x)

I’m not even giving that a maybe yes that is straight up rotten behavior. If you want to do nothing but high level missions, put together a crew and do it that way. If you’re going to random, then play by random rules. People are not logging in to watch you, for your sole benefit.

And, it’s not as if I don’t get it. It can be frustrating when you want to level fast and other people aren’t cooperating. Believe me, I’ve been there. But you have options other than being a knob. The aforementioned crew, or just burn through it as fast as possible. Then you can impress the lower level players that they can trust your judgement, because usually the issue is that they don’t know you and we’ve all seen higher level players who over estimated their own abilities and got everybody wiped for nothing.

The game has a leave battle button. I can chose to stay and do as little as possible or leave either way the result is nearly the same. If I ask for 49 and you say something nasty and select lvl 1 or so and your levels in in the hundreds you are doing to be spiteful and I will retaliate by locking your ship as long as I can. You locked my ships by selcting the low lvl inthe first place.

If not for the devs constantly buffing ai making the power and defense lvls weaker I would not have a need to farm the insignias so i can do the lvl 60 missions without help. The most recent buff makes the ai very hard to hit even being op asf.

ScireEstMelius, you have been a nasty person in the game for years.

I hardly talk to anyone in this game, and when I do I’m mostly kind, save to people who come at me. Bring jerk, and you get jerk in return. Also, whiners and blame casters get right on my nerves, so that type probably has a dim view of me.

I’m aware that I’m a mediocre player, so I do the best I can in most circumstances, and more importantly, I try to think about the other people playing. If that means taking a lower level so other people can have fun, so be it.

I initially never took my PvE level higher than what I needed to clear 30s since that was all the dailies went up to, but now that regular 60s are a thing, I’m slowly working my way up to there. There’s no rush that I need to screw over other players for.