hard to find enemy and beacon

first, i am still dont know how the mini map works, and i dont really use it during in a fight. and in most of the game ( doesnt matter is a rpg, or space shooting like black prophecy)  to select a enemy just simply press the Tab key and the system will help us find the closest enemy Right Away. instead in this game, you have to bee…bee… bee… by the time we selected we are dead.


 also for the beacon, especially in the pve missions, its so easy to get lost and spend time on finding beacons.


so i suggest, make it easy to select enemy and easy to find beacon 

No, the scanner system is terribly efficient. You need to learn how to use it. But you right about something, beacons need to be added into the scanner, also make squad members green instead of blue like everyones.

lol if the scanner system worked great then why not the Tab. After all this is a fast paced game, i really see no point of beeping, especially when enemy is very close to you. 

Well, I had problems too. Now, it’s not perfect, but still better.

First, you need at least to know how use the map to have one target in front of you. Try to move and turn to learn how this map works. I can’t explain in english sorry, but I’m sure you can try by yourself.

Second, You have two keys to target someone.

R : Then you target the ship in front of you.

T : You target the nearest ship (often the same like your mates).

I usually use T if I feel that someone is near me.

But you’re right.

We need to se beacon easier.

And mates in green, it’s great. But we still see all crosses in blue on the border of the screen. Can we please have our mates’s crosses in green too ? (and on the map too ?)

Later on you can get ship mods and skills that reduce the targeting time, the feature is intentional and makes for more tactical gameplay.  To be honest tho, once you get used to the weapon ranges you can hit targets fine w/o the targeting unless you are working with guided missiles/drones, it is especially easy to aim the beam type lasers as there targeting is always 0,0.


Tips from PINK:

A tactic I use for fighters/interceptors is if i see a friend being ganged up on ill set my targeting system to the healthiest pursuer so my drone(if i have one) applies pressure to them and i can zap them with modules, BUT , I concentrate my fire on the weakest/most damaged as they will be the easiest to remove from the fight.


With my frigate i spam the target closest button to know who is the most immediate threat to me, and while I’m safe (and equipped with lasers) I concentrate fire on ships in dogfights with my team prioritizing shield removal (lasers excel at shield damage + unshielded targets tend to break from fighting) allowing my team breathing room or time to press there attack, you don’t get alot of kills this way but you will win much more often.

maybe it is more tactical gameplay, but at the same time it caused even more frustrating game play. and people tend to have much stronger feeling on nagative impression.

Yea i’d imagine the game has a bit of a learning curve if your not used to this style of gameplay.  When you get used to this game mechanic you will learn to use it to your advantage, especially when you use stealth capable ships. :wink: