Happy birthday... 8 years ... but how many players ?


I would let you say my feelings about the dev policy of this game.

I have been playing it since the beginning, but for a moment you have to stop the silliness!

I’m glad to see that you are reaching the 8th year, but frankly I wonder: this year, how many players will the game still lose?
every month it goes down, but nothing helps, you insist on continuing in your silence to make paid or uninteresting events.
You even arrive for a party, to make it pay: you wrote “In honor of the game’s birthday, we prepared gifts:” but it’s just paying gifts!

And everything is like that,

we timidly come to an average of 300 players per day, and you only think of making money, paying events, things that eat away at the few players you have left.
I can understand that it is important to have money, but instead of going for it, it would be good to listen to the players before they leave too!



Whether or not you post this note doesn’t matter to me anymore
I get tired of seeing that every day nothing changes except the shop,

So good luck for the rest …



Référence for numbers of players : https://steamcharts.com/app/212070

Thank to google  translation ^^


You know there are players who don’t use steam right?

Dang! Did sc really have over 4k steam players on all at once?


And to think that around 1000 players bogs down the servers this much! XD

“Servers under heavy load!”