Hangar Camera

I’m probably not the only one that’s played racing games around here and, chances are, lots of you have played Racedriver: Grid as well.
While not the biggest of changes, something I would really like to see, just like in every game that has a garage/hangar/etc., automated camera angling in the hangar, just like in Grid.




Notice how the camera moves around, ever so slightly, even when moving the camera himself, still focused on the car. The movement, in my opinion, gives it a bit more…life. Wouldn’t you agree? Would it be hard to implement in this game as well? :slight_smile: I’d really like to see that :smiley:

At this point, any new additions to hangar would be nice, we sure do spend a lot of time in it, and that sunset thing in combo with the music that this Racedriver has going is really calming and beatiful. 

Two words, motion sickness.

actually i find that annoying as all get out!! if they do put something in like that there needs to be an off switch!!!



now if the lil people would move around and do things that would be awesome!! but yea i don’t really want the camera moving around on its own especially when im trying to customize it with a new paint job or stickers!!!

I agree that it should be an on/off function…but for those that would appreciate it, it would be most welcome ^^

Yes! I like that idea very much… this game needs more life in the hangar anyways…