Hammerhead Battle Station tweak

So right now I’m pretty sure that most hammerhead users know that the Battle Station isn’t really super effective for a number of reasons.
Primarily, it seems that most of its down-sides come from a very limited firing angle (limited to about 180 degrees off the top) and how long it takes to become useful (with missiles and drones/healing).



To fix this, I suggest that the ship be given 2 extra turrets that sit on the bottom of the battle station. This way, when the battlestation is deployed, it automatically has a full firing range and the benefit of two of the users turrets. The user would also be unable to use those extra turrets while the battle station is deployed.


Also, there should be a few more stages to the battle station that give it more functionality. It would have more self-healing capabilities, as well as some way to heal shields or boost allies like the Woz’Got.



But yeah tl;dr: Give HH two more turrets on the battle station on the bottom and make the battlestation more like wazzie station.