Halo Mod in Star Conflict

Hi there, do you guys would like to have a mod that is like Halo style in Star Conflict?  Please reply if you like this idea or not. Also made a video about the Mod if does happen and what i would expect to see in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWh9Pv6tYZ0

I think modding is not possible in star conflict.

I think modding is not possible in star conflict.

Its possible if you reverse engineer model packs then pack them again, but its against CoC.

But it is forbidden.

I’m sure it could technically be done but Gaijin/whatever don’t want mods. Also your game might get weird and not work with the server anyway if you had all these different sized ships and stats for things while others would see the standard stuff.


You’d have more luck trying to get a Freespace 2 Open project for it or idk if Freelancer still mods.

If you -do- end up modding it, though, don’t tell anyone because you will get banned.

Ok well it might not be a mod its that my idea came told them about it and they told me they would discuss it with the creators of the game.